Computationally straighted C. elegans meiotic chromosome from the late pachytene region of the germ line; stained by HTP-3 and COSA-1

Libuda Lab June 2019 - Hop Valley

Current Members

Diana E. Libuda, PhD

Principal Investigator

Assistant Professor of Biology

Member, Institute of Molecular Biology


PhD, Harvard University (2008)

BSc, University of California, Los Angeles (2003)



Cori Cahoon, PhD

Postdoctoral Researcher - Jane Coffin Childs Fellow

Nicole Kurhanewicz, PhD

Postdoctoral Researcher - NIH F32 NRSA Fellow

Graduate Students

Zac Bush

Graduate Student - Developmental Biology Training Program

Erik Toraason

Graduate Student - Genetics Training Program

Sabbatical Faculty

Ken Hillers, PhD

Chair and Professor, Biological Sciences Department

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Research Staff

Vikki Adler


Devin Dinwiddie, MSc


Vashti Stutsman

Lab Manager

Undergraduate Researchers

Cailan Feingold

Undergraduate Researcher


research:  live imaging of chromosome structures

Quincey Fish

Undergraduate Lab Assistant


research: general lab research support

Alina Salagean

Undergraduate Researcher - OURS Fellowship


research: role of NSE-2 SUMO ligase in sister chromatid recombination


Former Members

Sabbatical Faculty and Faculty "Rotation Students"

Nadia Singh, Associate Professor at University of Oregon

David Wynne, Assistant Professor at University of Portland



Marissa Glover - now PhD student (NSF GRFP Fellow) at UCSC in the Arribere Lab

Jackie Helm - homemaker

Jenn Lawson - NemaMetrix/Knudra Transgenics


Undergraduate Researchers

Fountane Chan (UO - honors thesis) - Post-bacc IRTA at NIH in Judith Kassis' lab

Cordell Clark  (UO - honors thesis) - technician in Sue Biggins Lab (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center)

Ali Cohen (UO) - Customer Development Rep at DiscoverOrg

Coohleen Coombes (SFSU; SPUR/MARC summer student)

Rachel David (UO Honors College) - OHSU medical student

Anna Horacek (UO - honors thesis) - Post-bacc IRTA at NIH in Judith Kassis' lab

Colin Maxwell (UO Honors College) - product specialist at Qualtrics

Adriana Mendizabal (College of New Jersey; SPUR summer student) - UC Berkeley PhD student

Brittany Owen (UO) - Johns Hopkins Bioinformatics M.S. program

Kaycee Schoellhorn (UO Honors College) - para educator at Sexton Mountain Elementary


Libuda Lab home page button; DSBs marked by RAD-51 foci in a single C. elegans germ cell nucleus